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New Eternity EP - OUT NOW

- Not much to note here, but my most recent music release, New Eternity has dropped on both bandcamp + youtube!
- Special thanks to everyone involved!!


- If you ever wanna watch me play through morrowind live, or messing around in FL Studio/Krita/whatever, feel free to head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe! I could be streaming right now...
- Another idea I had was doing live sets from recent albums + bumping unreleased stuff. More on that soon!

New Collab EP Dropping on Christmas Day!

About a month ago, I announced collabs, and the response has been surprisingly warm! I managed to compile an EP's worth of material from various artists. Once I drop this project, I will be updating the page with all the stems with new material! Hopefully, we can keep the collaborative works going on a cyclical basis, as the ViLLSVIN project continues to grow in versatility. Not just genre-wise but also medium-wise.

2020 has been the year I've had the most collabs/art trades in a while, and I want to thank those who stuck with me! With this year also being my most significant in terms of traffic [to my soc media, not here lol] my main goal is using my voice to reach out to more creatives, while generating fun content for everyone to enjoy/re-use for their own projects.

Discord Server

Speaking of growing projects, my new discord server, which is literally just the website address, is now up and can be access from the top of the homepage. Currently, I'm working on a sort of mission statement to post both here and on my other social media accounts. But in short, I want to build a mutual platform for artists to both share their work and humanize themsleves in the way the suits the most. This will be done not just with discord, but through podcasts, and content on this website!

In terms of the podcast, which will be getting it's third and FINAL re-branding, I will be reaching out to more and more artists/organizers/etc to come on and have discussions + live creative sessions.

If you are someone that would be intrested, click the tab above to join, or contact me thru the About section.

Joining Selecta [DnB Collective]

The first, and currently the only DnB collective in New Mexico that was originally based in the UK has humbly welcomed me to their team! This will certainly lead to more live shows thru their platform, and there will be more to come once COVID regulations ease up.

Stay tuned, but until then, check out their page, and the artists associated!